Small Pleasures: Fashion’s Simple Pieces

by - January 26, 2019

Small Pleasures: Fashion’s Simple Pieces

When it comes to fashion, we often focus on the grandiose and lavish pieces that are theme focused. They bring us great pleasure but in the next season we are yet again seeking another form of very large pleasures from new ‘it items’. Our focus shifts from one trend to another, pursuing a temporary thrill provided by those fashion pieces or trends. But while doing so, we are overlooking the small pleasures in fashion. The pieces that have a staple silhouette, have historical connotations and were once pioneering during their inceptions. The very pieces that will always remain timeless, classic and essential. 

We are talking about the white t-shirt, blue jeans, kitten heels, overcoat, turtleneck sweater, little black dress amongst many other iconic fashion articles. Clothing such as these build a foundation in our wardrobe and style. They come in different fabrics, finishing, textures and even animations. If only we pay more attention to them, we will notice that they can be accessorised in any form or shape to suit one’s personal style. Moreover, they can be dressed up or down, depending on the finishing touches. If the perfect shape and fit of these products have been mastered to one’s body figure, they can instantly look elegant and sophisticated. The tactile fabric can bring us comfort and confidence. They can be easily mixed and matched, whether through colour, textile or silhouette. 

All we need to do is guide our gaze towards the small pleasures in our wardrobes and personal style. Imagine the simple combination of a cotton white t-shirt with blue washed denim jeans and a pair of kitten heel in ruby red? How effortless but chic? Doesn’t that just shift ones trendiness level just a little higher? Doesn’t the simplexes of it all just boost the confidence and spare time? This is just one of the examples, but the idea is really to gain joy and build a humble admiration to the simplest things in fashion. Decrease the protest of ‘not having enough’ fashionable clothing and be more mindful. 

We encourage you look through your wardrobe and relish on the small pleasures of every piece you have. Have some excitement exploring the possibilities of styles your wardrobe can create. 

(Photography by Ty Faruki)

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