by - September 30, 2014

ZINAH Signature Collection 2015
ZINAH was a London based fashion house founded by the fashion designer Zinah Nur Sharif. Her interest in the amalgamation of fashion and modesty, combined with her fascination of natural fabrics, particularly silk has led her into specialising in handcrafted scarves. Respecting tradition of haute couture, all ZINAH products were gently handmade in London. The brand only used finest and most genuine materials with sincerity to reach true luxury. Swarovski Elements are the only embellishments used for designing some of the most beautiful pieces.
As a British fashion house, ZINAH yearned to enlighten the British culture and diversity as a wealth and a source of inspiration. The British fashion house characterised femininity in its pure form celebrating the true beauty of women. The brand used creativity as a universal language to inspire women to express their style identity.
The brand to endeavoured authenticity and creatively expressed elegance through the creation of both innovative and refined scarves. more on

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