Lost Times

by - February 03, 2019

2014 was my first time travelling without parents, prior to that all my travels was with my parents; any country or destination.
As I was starting up my business, I thought visiting Kuwait would be a good idea…both to explore the country & venture my business. I went during Ramadan in late July 2014 with my brother. It wasn’t exactly the best idea to get to know the country, as many spent the summer abroad or in their homes (due to the immense heat and the holy month). However Kuwait marked a way forward for me to travel more often.
Though I have been sharing my travel journey on my instagram page @thezirkus, it was just in pictures and not writing. My new challenge is to share my travel journeys and what each destination had to offer until I’m up to date…just a heads up, that is going to be 34 different cities between 2014-2018.
Photography and Words | Zinah Nur Sharif

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