King of Crystals

by - April 18, 2013

Luxury scarves and accessories designer Zinah Nur Sharif started her love affair with fashion 10 years ago with an early introduction to fashion illustration moving on to fashion design technology later in college and university years. Zinah & Fashion are still happily involved to this present day.
With her first design made in July 2006, Zinah had the ultimate vision of creating elegant, feminine and luxury scarves. With an eagerness to fulfill her vision, Zinah studied fashion design and specialized in graphic design on a degree level. Zinah started running a blog in July 2010 that has been a supportive platform to showcase her love for fashion and it has been kept updated with fashion photography, whimsical style tales, frills, pretty words and wonderful things. 
The label ZINAH was born in June 2012 on a very small scale and exclusively catering to private clients, creating haute couture scarves. ZINAH started evolving in the background scene and is finally ready to be introduced to the world. Respecting tradition of haut couture, ZINAH only uses finest and most genuine materials with sincerity to reach true luxury. Swarovski elements are the only embellishments used for designing some of the most beautiful pieces. ZINAH scarves are a symbol of elegance, excellence, femininity and extravagance.
“I make scarves that allows women to create a beautiful version of their style” Zinah N. Sharif 
King of Crystals SS14 Collection by ZINAH
Designed and handmade by me using silk organza, sandwashed silk, silk jersey and silk chiffon.
Styling and Words | Zinah Nur Sharif
Photography | Ty Faruki
Makeup | Safiyah M
Model | Olivia Ancell (Body London)

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