How To Manage Time & Style

by - March 14, 2019

Work & Life balance

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule can be quite demanding. Depending on the work we do, style & fashion might be not be the first thing in our minds. 

Admittedly, some of my previous work required me to wear uniform; designer uniform mind you. Which meant, I never had to spend time thinking about what to wear, how to wear it and when to wear it. Even my make-up was a uniform requirement. It was an oxymoron of liberation and restriction. On the one hand, I enjoyed the extra sleep, the carefree of showing up to work and changing there, the routine “outfit” and make up. My sole focus was that my make-up was nicely done. However, on the other hand, I missed the ability to freely choose what to wear, utilising my wardrobe and even dressing comfortably. 

Now that my work changed all together, where I’m required to actually think about what to wear, I see the flip side of it all. I tend to focus more on what I wear over whether I’ll do my make up or not. In fact, so far, I have not bothered with make-up. That’s when it crossed my mind, style is more of an essence and when the clothes fit you perfectly, compliment your body and feel comfortable on, then make-up becomes an added bonus rather than necessary. 

Realistically speaking, most of us work than the usual 37,5 hours a week, the last thing we want to do is grabble through our wardrobes and waste time deciding what to wear. Dressing up and style should be a skill that comes to one effortlessly. Of course, FashionMoodz is the perfect brand to help you master these skills. Learn about your figure, what fits and what you should stay away from, colours that work in harmony with your complexion and a lot more. 

I promise to explore more of these aspects very soon. As you may have figured, this article is more of a personal confession of how I am trying to master my style and time. Also explains my absence as I am building more quality content for you all. We don’t want this online magazine to be an ordinary fashion platform. After all, the people dedicated to running it are extraordinary, and that certainly isn’t me blowing any of my own trumpets.

So how about I leave it at that and allow you to interact with us about your personal interests? Speak soon! 

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