Fashioned by Nature: The V&A Exhibition

by - January 05, 2019

Fashioned by Nature: The exhibition

Certain trends can shape the way we view fashion. It’s not necessarily always about aesthetic trends; it can be cultural, social, political and in this very case environmental. 
As you may have noticed certain brands are heading towards are more sustainable productions and operations. Gucci has banned the use of fur, Kering group brands are encouraged to use eco-friendly packaging & boutique interiors and now Chanel has followed suit by banning the use of exotic leather and fur. Sustainable and ethical fashion should not be a mere trend, but it is pressingly needed.

There are many ways to keep yourself informed about the matter online and offline. Everyone’s writing and talking about sustainable fashion. It can be quite an overwhelming amount of information to digest. A good start would be a visit to the Victoria and Albert museum. They are presenting an exhibition that invites visitors to think differently about sustainable and ethical fashion. The exhibition titled ‘Fashioned by Nature’ explores innovative new fabrics, dyeing processes and studies the sources of clothing. It showcases historical aspects of sustainable clothing and emboldens the future of fashion. Clothing pieces fitting to the presentation are displayed and examined. Political aspects are investigated and linked with sustainability. The exhibition is refreshing, somewhat interactive and invites visitors to have a better understanding of where fashion stood and will stand in retrospective to ethical and sustainable fashion. 

During this festive season a visit to this exhibition might be great gift to yourself or someone you know might love it. Or perhaps a New Year’s resolution to refresh your wardrobe with timeless and sustainable pieces. I personally have visited the exhibition numerous times and enjoyed it immensely. Having a different thought of my clothes and where they come from is my little influence to a better understanding of sustainability in fashion. Additional, it motives me to have a sustainable lifestyle, not limited to the fashion pieces in my wardrobe. 

The exhibition is open until January 27th 2019 at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington London. Do enjoy!  

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