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by - December 14, 2012

Japanese inspired collection by ZINAH
Designed & tailored by Zinah Nur Sharif using silk chiffon, silk organza, satin silk, cotton and polyester.
Styling | Zinah Nur Sharif
Photography | Alessia Gammarota
Photoshoot Assts | Jihan Nur Sharif, Noura Abdullahi
I’ve somehow had an obsessive admiration for anything relating to Japan. So I’ve created a collection inspired by certain fabrics, colours and patterns connecting to orientalism.
I have designed and made this collection during a time where I wanted to be acknowledge for my skills and creativity, rather than Muslim identity. I desperately wanted to be separated from my craft that I’ve failed to see the celebratory aspect of it all. At least my creativity flourished whilst I was on a journey of self-discovery.

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