by - December 16, 2018

My love for Christian Dior Couture is quite immense, I just had to join the company to build an experience and understanding. As previously mentioned, I based an entire masters unit on the brand and also based my research around Dior for my dissertation.
I’ve attended two major exhibition, went to as many boutiques as possible and even watched Dior and I film thrice (in cinema and on Amazon Prime). I liked the general team spirit and liked most people I was working with. However, for me it was best to love it from a distance…

I have been working at Christian Dior Couture since July 2017 and have managed to extend and develop my skills within luxury client service, operations, administrative, communication and organisation skills. During my annual PCR (within 4months of joining the business), I have exceeded my performance on certain aspects including UPT (1.45/1.35), scarves (£17,000/£16,000), exotics (15 units/3-4 units a month) and client capture rate (94%).

A year within my role I have achieved £1 Million in sales and have won two incentives amongst 70 members of staff. As textiles category leader, I have demonstrated my skills and expertise within the category and organisation of the stock. I sold over £30,00 worth of scarves. I enjoy my role as textiles categroy leader, have a natural drive and passion for adminstrative, organisational and communications tasks and thoroughly admire the brand Christian Dior. I would like build an extensive experience within communications.
Photography and Words | Zinah Nur Sharif

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