by - March 24, 2020

(Dubai February 2020)

It’s such a cliché to write ‘I love travelling’, more so than it is overused. It’s almost as cringe as saying, ‘fashion is my passion’. Of course, everyone loves travelling, in many different ways. Whether it’s embracing a new culture, pretending to be a local or just to live in blissful ignorance whilst cruising around a foreign land, travelling is to take a memorable journey and a damn privilege. I am not merely referring to travelling internationally but also domestically. 

As I’ve mentioned in one of my previous articles, I love travelling, it’s quite essential for me and a real treat that I am grateful for.  I’ve been practically travelling since the age of 2, almost for 30 years (don’t try to calculate my age, I will be 32 in June 2020, gifts are welcomed!) and I still find it exuberating. 

(Seville November 2019 - Krakow December 2018)

I’ve only shared my trips & holidays from Milan/Italy, Jeddah, Mecca & Madinah/Saudi Arabia and Paris/France from 2011. However, since 2013 up until the present day, I have travelled to 32 countries and 74 cities (four times in Paris, thrice to Oxford and Cambridge, twice to Dubai, Algiers and Chlef) …so technically 61 cities! Quite a lot regardless…and in my 30+ years on this beautiful planet called earth, I have had the opportunity to visit 42 countries, plus endless cities on top of the 73, I won’t start counting them, but definitely over a 100! If you have been following me on Instagram, either my personal or public account, you may have already seen some of the pictures I have shared over the last 6 years. 

(Athens May 2019 - Stockholm September 2018)

Having visited all those unique but equally beautiful countries may make me sound like a world traveller, but they only make up 16.3% of the world on three continents. What a life achievement it would be to reach 50%, let alone 100%. There are 195 countries in the world and I am hoping to at least visit 100 countries before I die (or before more countries split…I see you Yugoslavia 1995!!)

(Oslo November 2018 - Vienna November 2018)

With the current climate and challenges facing our planet, travelling isn’t feasible in the foreseeable future. It’s not the worse that can happen during such times (first world and privileged problems, I know), but it’s not pleasant having flights cancelled either. But until my next adventure, I still have 61 travel destinations to share with you. So, whoever you are, I hope you get some joy out of these travel posts and of course thank you for taking the time to read through this rather tedious post! 

(Colonzelle July 2019 - Hitchin August 2018)

Photography of locations by me - Photography of me by Cesar for the first two pictures, Rongji, Sam and Rongji (in those orders)

Until next time, love and peace! 

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