by - April 03, 2019

It's not everyday I get an award nomination, especially such a prestigious nomination; The National Press Award; The Georgina Henry Prize for Innovation. I am not even a journalist, but have always been writing about Muslim women since the inception of this blog. I've also been always writing about women during my A-levels, from Media Studies to Psychology and even Fine Art!

I felt privileged to have been nominated, the least to say. To be in a room full of renowned writers, journalists and editors. I'm not exactly an avid reader of newspapers (with the exception of The New York Times, The Times and The Guardian), but my role entails checking newspapers daily. Not to read the news, just to monitor press coverages and send through to clients haha

In case you are wondering, I am wearing Burberry headscarf, Roland Mouret dress and Zara earrings & heels.

Anyhow, I of course did not win, I didn't expect to be nominated from the first place. I have however, met the lovely women who won the award; Laura Garcia and Olivia Crellin from PressPad. Truly inspiring and a well deserved award! 

It's been an honour and privilege and an unforgettable evening, supported by my loved ones and friends. Sam, who's always been my number one cheerleader and Cesar (who couldn't attend due to prior work travel arrangements). You can find images of the event on here, along with all the nominations and event highlights.

(Photography by Sam and The National Press Awards Photographer)

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