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It's such a magnificent city, almost indescribable. The only way to get to know London would be to fully live in the city. Not as a tourist, or a business trip or even a weekend getaway. Few days in London is never enough to give this huge city any justice of what it truly could be to one. 

"London is whatever you want it to be" - Christopher Winn
This quote perfectly sums up what London is. If you want it to be beautiful, peaceful and organic; all you have to do is find the right places and people within London. When the big city becomes overwhelming, there are villages where you can rest your head for few hours. There are endless possibilities. Open to all kind of people, communities, races and religions. 

I am very fortunate to be living in London for over 10 years and to call it my home. What better place to start up a brand than London? The land of opportunities and dreams, a place where no dream is too little or too big. I'm so very glad and grateful to have had the opportunity to base my brand in London and in Britain. As a British fashion house, I yearn to express the British culture and diversity as a wealth and a source of inspiration, particularly London. The city is so full of inspiration and wonder.

Perhaps it came to your attention that the scarves I've designed and made are named after London locations. Do they have any significant you wonder? Yes they do.

Each signature scarf is named after significant locations; both to London and myself. Five signature scarves, five locations; Queensway, King’s Cross, Hampstead, Kensington and Victoria. Three of the locations are where I used to reside (now based in Hampstead), Victoria being my first ever work location, being only 17 and discovering such a magnificent city, while Queensway was both a work and leisure area for me. 

Of course fate has it that all these locations are connected to royalty and perfectly fit the brand name and image; the logo being a Z with a crown, to reflect my nickname ‘Zinah the warrior princess’ and to symbolise luxury in the products I offer. 

Here's an insider info: every season, a signature scarf will be the main piece of the season and four other scarves are designed around that scarf and named after roads within that location. For Autumn/Winter 14, Hampstead was the signature piece and the other four scarves were Golden Yard, Willow Road, Keat’s Grove and Fitzjohn’s Avenue all road names within the Hampstead area.

For Spring/Summer 15 the main scarf is Queensway and the other four are called after roads within the Queensway area: Princess Court, Palace Avenue, Bayswater Road and Caroline Place. 

I could forever and a day talk about London, the things I absolutely love and adore about it and the things that get on my last nerves! The ups and downs, the beautiful and ugly and so much more. Perhaps I can start video series about London? Perhaps I'm just over my head!

I highly recommend this city to anyone, to explore on their own and make it their own. 
I won't go into details on this post, as it may just end up being the longest blog post I've ever done.

I have, however, previously written about London during my time as a columnist for Aquila Style. 
You can read part one and twohere and here

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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