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I'm so particular when it comes to materials, with the products I make and even the clothes I buy.
It's so important for me to feel a 'nice' material on my skin. I'm not a fan of synthetics and quiet frankly they should NEVER be overpriced. £60+ for a synthetic maxi skirt? No thank you. We all know how much polyester costs, right? Let's not forget to include production, location and labour. That all makes up the price of a product. 

One thing I believe that makes my brand stand out (besides having a strong sense of brand image) is the use of fine and natural materials. All the scarves I make are from natural fibres from silk all the way to wool. 

I always had this unnatural obsession with silk from my early teenage years. I love how the fibre can be transformed into any fabric, from shiny satin to matte twill; it all simply depends on the weaving technique. 

As much as I love silk, I'm no connoisseur, but I am developing my knowledge of natural fibres and fabrics. I do select each fabric myself, and as challenging as the process may be, the end result is always so rewarding. With the many options of materials these days, it's important for the fabrics I select to reflect the designs I make. 

Natural fabrics are also luxurious and for a luxury scarf brand, how important do you think that is? If I would have to use synthetic materials, then perhaps for the young aspiring clients who would like scarves at entry price level? Something I'm thinking about most definitely. 

All the materials are hand selected and purchased in London. Everything is also made in London, nowhere else, as I believe that the authenticity of a product is very important to my brand. 
I also believe that clients should know where their products are made and come from. 

Natural fabrics are naturally expensive, they are harder to manufacture and the process is longer than synthetic fabrics. So the prices of each scarf is obviously reflective of the material cost, the location of the sources (everything is made in London and London is one of the most expensive cities in the world), not to mention they are all hand made with love and care. I'm obviously pricing it all ethical, authentic and genuine, nothing is left to randomness or coincidence. 

I hope you now have a better understanding of the materials I use, why I use them and the pricing of them. I will talk further about the materials and crystal choices. 

(Photography by Zinah, Ty Faruki & Zak)

Love and Peace

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