by - May 13, 2015

I love a bit of sparkle. I think it adds a touch of glamour to any outfit. Most of the time, my accessories are sparkly, whether it's my necklace, clutch or even shoes. But why not scarf?
And instead of pinning brooches ony scarf, I thought of actually intertwining it in the designs I make. 

I of course am very particular about the crystals I use on the scarves I make, and because it's a luxury scarf label, the crystals have to be luxurious. What comes to mind? Swarovski of course! 
I've been an admirer of the Swarovski brand for a long time. The crystals aren't actual jewels, but they're made of glass, which gives a spectacular shine. From the sew-on stones to the glue on ones, I've used the most suitable ones to create the signature scarves.

For the Queensway scarf, I've used crystal clear stones and they're all hand sewn individually. As previously explained, the price point of the scarf naturally comes from the materials it's made of, the location and time put into making them. Not to mention, each scarf comes in very limited pieces and not recreated for any other season. The fact that they're all hand made in London by myself and my tailor, puts the extra love, care and attention to each scarf. 

I hope you've enjoyed learning the fundamentals of the brand and its products so far! There's yet more to come but for now, the importance of the brand, the location and material have been covered to its basic. Keep an eye out, there are more exciting things to come! 

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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