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Let’s start with introducing my brand…properly!

Some of you may know by now that I have officially launched my luxury scarves fashion label ZINAH in November 2014 with the first Autumn/Winter 2014 collection titled London Expedition.

I haven’t been much talking or writing about the brand, mainly due to the reason of allowing people to get to know the brand visually and build their own understanding. I mean, where’s the mystery of giving it all away from the get go? 

It’s a self-named fashion brand, not a sick joke to call it after the arabic word ‘zina’ aka adultery. My name is Zinah, it has been always spelled that way and I’m not planning to change it’s spelling for a mere confusion of a coincidental transliteration of the word ‘zina’ (adultery) in the roman alphabet. I’m not going to go into details about this as it’s silly and self-explanatory. 

I would just like to point out that ‘Zinah’ pronounced “Zena” means beautiful ornaments in arabic, which carries a pleasant connotation. 

Growing up, my nickname has been ‘Xena the worrier princess’ from the infamous show from New Zealand. Naturally, I designed the brand’s logo around my name & nickname, with the capital Z and the crown above it. Plus, what more is luxurious than royalty? No, no I’m not a real princess, just the nickname ha!

Below is an illustration, breaking down the meaning of the logo, the connotations of the colour choices (white & gold) and just a better understanding of the logo overall. 

I’m sure some of you have wondered of why I started this label (I hope at least one person wondered?) Here is a diplomatic explanation of why I started this brand, without the dreamy aspect of always wanting to run my own fashion label. 

My interest in the amalgamation of fashion and modesty, combined with my fascination of natural fabrics, particularly silk has led me into specialising in handcrafted scarves. Respecting tradition of haute couture, all of the brand’s products are gently handmade in London. The brand only uses finest and most genuine materials with sincerity to reach true luxury. Swarovski Elements are the only embellishments used for designing some of the most beautiful pieces.
As a British fashion house, I yearn to express the British culture and diversity as a wealth and a source of inspiration.The British fashion house characterises femininity in its pure form celebrating the true beauty of women. The brand uses creativity as a universal language to inspire women to express their style identity. As the creative director of the brand I intend the brand to endeavour authenticity and creatively express elegance through the creation of both innovative and refined scarves.

Being fairly new in such a large industry, it’s vital for my brand to remain authentic in products, offering a one to one service to individual clients, nurturing the origins and home of the brand and to remain innovative. I believe this is what makes ZINAH somewhat unique, not to mention the affluent visual communications that come with it all. 

I know have a small but oh so lovely team working with me and as much as I love working with them, I still like to keep my brand personal to me and run it myself rather than have others do my posts, editing or anything that I’m very fussy & OCD about. I love you girls; Jihan, Nilofar & Sarah

Throughout the following weeks, I will talk in further details about the brand, the scarves, the collections and all behind the scenes that are so exciting to me (and hopefully to you too!). So stay tuned on my social medial pages on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter all @zinahns. 

(Photography by Zinah & Muna Ally)

Love and Peace

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