by - April 01, 2015

It's always the same old song; the song about how busy I am, how life gets hectic, how I'm working on things and how I'm running my own business. It really isn't an excuse, just reality.

I mean, we're all so used to social media and the fast way of communicating, that we sometimes forget about reading longer articles, journals or even books. Well, at least that's my scenario.
I thoroughly enjoy reading, particularly books and magazines. That's including blogs too, as much as I like to blog, I read many others too.

I just needed a creative break from blogging, it really isn't my main career focus or as a matter of fact, any of my career focus at all. This blog is now more of my brand's blog rather than a random blog about random subjects. Reality is, it's been always my brand's blog, carving an image for what I have build today from day one.

It's never been too personal, I don't blab about my personal life, after all, it's in no ones interest. It's a creative blog, about my creativity, my inspirations, travelling and anything that really leads me into creating the most distinctive scarves, images and brand.

I've just launched my brand in November 2013, I haven't really talked about it much or introduced it to you lovely people in detail...I've launched the first A/W14 collection named 'London Expedition' and I was very happy with it.

The title being obvious, the collection was inspired by London but was also an introduction to the brand being London based. You'll be able to find out on my instagram & Facebook, as I have been posting about it on there more frequently.

However, with the new collection of Spring/Summer 15 titled 'Tales of Queens', I will keep you in the loop on every detail, the inspiration, the stories, each scarf, how and where it's made and how to style them in many creative ways. 

I'm even thinking of creating videos...something I've always somewhat dreaded, but there comes a point where verbal communication is vital and perhaps builds a better connection with my readers & clients? We'll see... In the meantime, stay tuned and there will be more blog posts! For life updates, follow me on instagram @zinahns

(Photography by Ty Faruki & Zinah)

Love and Peace

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