by - October 28, 2014

Looks like blogging (or at least on this platform) is slowly a dying art? I'm not sure whether people are just bored or not bothered to visit blogs, or whether my content sucks (maybe?)…Can't put my finger on it, but I for one know that I am reading blogs less frequently, simple because I'm busy and turned back to printed publications. There are still so many blogs I love and somehow their instagram feed is good enough for me to see what they're up to or what project they're working on, without visiting their blog.

I guess there are hypes around things now and then, and blogging seems to be one of those hypes and it's slowly dying out (at least for me)
I get a larger reception and respond on my instagram (and I am not even writing on there) than here and facebook…what do you guys think? Is blogging dying? Do people prefer quick social media posts such  instagram etc? Let me know, your feedback is highly appreciated. 

(Photography by Jihan)

Wearing: ZINAH scarf // Zara head to toe

Love and Peace

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  1. I can completely identify with your thoughts here Zinah. Your blog has been one of my favourite lifestyle/fashion blogs for a long time now - since about 2009! I have to admit I don't read regularly but I always do come back every couple of months to see your updates. Like you, I think visiting blogs has become one of those things which has become second to interaction on social media - platforms like Instagram are an instant way to share ideas, and to see whats fresh, whats new, the latest. I really hope you don't stop blogging completely though, your posts have always been a great source of inspiration in every sense!

  2. Love your blog and the outfit :)


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