by - October 28, 2013

I'm highly impressed by how creative Zibzih is. She is talented, can do anything from fine art to baking beautiful cupcakes. Then I asked her if she can do henna…I don't even have to start explaining on how good this girl is! Check out her blog The Curious Orchid

Seriously did an incredible job with the henna; a dragon, not your usual henna design, but a dragon wrapped around my arm! IF I could get a tattoo, I so would, but can't so I shan't…

I love the mythical creature, I don't really believe in zodiac signs, but I'm happy to know that I was born in year of the dragon *cough* *cough*
There's a whole article on the dragon and it's influence in the fashion industry, check it out in the October pilot issue of COAZ magazine!

(Photography by Zinah)

Hijab ZINAH / Lace Top Zara /

Love and Peace

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