by - October 23, 2013

These three ladies are more than co-workers, they are really good friends. Meet the lovely trio that help and helped me make COAZ happen; Alye Begum, Hafsa Issa-Salwe and Noura A. Sheikh.

Noura I've met almost six years ago during college in La Swap; she's got so much swag, I'm starting to believe that she must have been born in the urban landscapes of New York. But that's really not the case, just the vibe one gets from her; she's a fellow Londoner!

Alye & Hafsa I met online…stranger danger! I've met Alye through twitter almost two years ago, but we are twins separated at birth and a single soul that has been split into two. She's my BFF; as cheesy as this may sound, deal with it! I've got too much love for Alye (pronounced Ellie)

Hafsa is a fellow blogger, a wonderful girl that I have a lot in common with and I wasn't aware of that before. We both went to the same college; La Swap, but never knew until this year. We have a lot of mutual friends, including Grey Carnegie! We both live in the same London borough, and apparently I lived in a close area to her five years ago…it is a small world! Remember our collaboration? That's still ongoing…

You can find out more about these amibitious women on the September pilot issue. Get your copy now online!

The questions to the video are random, the answers are all spontaneous and completely unprepared…what's funny is none of the girls (except me) knew of the questions before filming, nor were they filmed at the same time, but some of the answers are the same!  Can you spot the same answers?

We are iPhone addicts for sure…taking an iPhone to a deserted island? Funny! Battery is most likely gonna die within hours…Surprisingly we share the same love for Zara (no, we did not know of each other's answers). Enjoy the video!

Love and Peace

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