by - October 20, 2013

Once again I have disappeared from civilisation; virtual civilisation that is…blogging world to be exact! I keep telling myself that I should go back to scheduling blog posts, to keep it rolling, but then something always gets in the way. 

This time, major things got in the way. If you've been following me on instagram, twitter and my facebook page, you are well aware of the things I've been doing the past two months. I've always wanted to run a magazine, more precisely a 'bookazine' and I finally had a chance to team up with three lovely ladies to make this a reality.

We've already launched two pilot issues that are available on my website here:

Obviously, I'll be doing more blog posts relating to COAZ (Confession of a Zaraholic), the story behind it, the team and everything you need to know. This is just a blog post to assure you (blog readers) that I have not abandoned my beloved blog!

The other major thing is the launch of my scarves collection! Yes! Finally! I've started with the promo collection and yes I will be talking more about it on coming blog posts…I don't wanna make this blog post longer than necessary. 

Welcoming winter with this outfit post that is long overdue. This was taking in Disneyland Paris in March 2013. 

(Photography by Zinah & A beautiful stranger)

Wearing head to toe Zara!

Love and Peace

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  1. nice to see u back on the blog Zinah. Love that Zara fur waistcoat - I wear mine all the time:)


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