by - July 24, 2013

Having a little summer fun in the beautiful sun. It's always nice to let your inner child out and do what makes you happy. 

Despite the fact that I am fasting and it's really hot, which naturally gets anyone thirsty, I feel so full of energy. On that sunny day, I felt like climbing trees, jumping around, standing on poles and just giggle like a little girl. It was nice and refreshing, also nice to feel carefree for once. 

The outfit matched the day, with a mulberry silk blouse that has hot air balloon prints on it, flowy pleated ankle length maxi skirt and a lot of glitter on my feet. Happy days alhamdulillah! 

(Photography by Jihan

Scarf - ZINAH
Wearing everything Zara
Slippers - Massimo Dutti

Love and Peace

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