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Once upon a time, I went through a tomboyish phase. It was a long time ago, when I was an athlete, doing all kinds of sports, mainly Gymnastics and Table Tennis. Only hanging out with my male friends, spending more time with my brothers over my sisters (I'm talking about my real siblings, not the Islamic term for man or woman) and never wearing girly stuff. I thought only stupid girls should wear skirts and dresses. I thought that dressing up meant that you're shallow, narcissistic and self-centred. I kept distant from anything female, womanly and girly. 

Did you see/hear the music video of Pink's 'Stupid Girls'? Yeah, I was sort of sceptical like her, you know having the believe that dressed up girls are silly, brainless and not so ambitious? I took feminism with the complete wrong approach; meaning that having the believe that women should be like men!

I later realised that the only stupid person in this scenario was me! First of all, it's stupid to even think that women should be like men, for so so many obvious reasons, second of all thats not what feminism is about (or was about initially) and lastly caring about your appearance doesn't make you shallow, self-centred or stupid. In fact, not caring about your appearance seems rather stupid? You are what you wear, right?

I revisited my tomboyish days with this outfit, also was mastering the art of layering. Haven't read the article yet? Well why not? Read it here

(Photography by Jihan)

Bag - Mango
T-Shirt - H&M
Blouse (worn underneath t-shirt) - Zara
Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger
Slippers - Massimo Dutti
Nail Polish - Nails Inc.

Love and Peace

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