by - July 03, 2013

I am no make-up expert, but like any other girl, I love make-up. I tend to collect make-up but not to wear it much or at all?

For instance, this lip & cheek stain from The Body Shop has been in my make-up bag ever since I purchased it almost 8 months ago! Never put it on, never even bothered trying it. How silly! It was one of those make-up that were on sale and I thought 'Let me give this a try!'.

I instagrammed it few months ago and it looks like it's a popular product amongst some of the girls. Also when I checked The Body Shop website, it is apparently a best seller! So I tried it while I was doing this blog post, almost 3am in the morning…wearing nothing but moisturiser on my face. Perhaps not a good review for those who want to know how it wears on with foundation or/and face powder (anyhow, I would not recommend the combination of face powder & liquid/gel blushers).

I must say I like it more as a lip stain than cheek stain? Only because I love my blushers to pop a little, but this one seems to blend it with my skin colour and looks like I've got nothing on. Perhaps a really good product if you are going for a natural look and wear nothing but cheek stain!

As for the lips, it sort of makes your natural lip colour more vivid in colour and more rosy, looks completely natural. It's so light, you won't even know you have something on your lips. 

I will recommend it as a lip stain, not so much as a cheek stain!

(Photography by Zinah)

Rhinestone Apple necklace pendant from Primark

Love and Peace

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