by - June 05, 2013

I normally don't like wearing black, especially during the warmer weathers. Despite the fact that it's such a classic 'colour' and goes well with everything, I still find it a little depressing to wear it during sunshine season. As a matter of fact, I'm not too fond of wearing black anytime of the year, regardless of season. I mean, yes the basic black scarf, shoes & handbag are something I need to have in my wardrobe, but clothes? Not so much! 

I love pastel colours (isn't that obvious?) but also like bright colours, so when I wear black, then it's never head to toe! The bright orange maxi skirt is just what I needed to brighten this outfit!

This outfit was actually for an Aquila Style article 'Wardrobe Essentials' I wrote late 2012. You can read it here

Ps. This is my first outfit picture in a while…I sort of feel self-conscious for some strange reason!

(Photography by Jihan & Zinah)

Jumper, Skirt & Satchel - Zara
Heels- Primark

Love and Peace

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  1. Looking nice, love the colour of the skirt!

  2. love your picture and style..:)

  3. You're goergous Zinah, and so pretty mash'ALLAH !!!

    I'm happy you're back !!!

  4. I love how simple and chic this look is :)


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