by - June 26, 2013

What a pure coincidence that a 'blog post' day falls on the same day as my birthday (I swear I did not plan this in advance haha)! I just happen to pick Monday and Thursday as blog days, because:

1. I love Mondays (I really do! I even consider it my lucky day, I am super optimistic & happy on Mondays. Call me crazy, but it's true!)
2. To keep the week balanced with blog posts, Thursday is the logical answer!

Another reason I love Mondays is because I was born on a Monday (this makes me sound absolutely vein and narcissistic. I am far from it!).

So today is my birthday…I am a year older, but can't say that I'm wiser or smarter. Alhamdulillah I have been lucky to reach this far in my life, to have experienced so many years and Allah has blessed me with so many wonderful things, including experiencing another age. I'm eternally grateful.

I'm not really a birthday celebrator kind of person…but I tend to spend the day with loved ones. Today is a special day with my love Alye and later in the evening with family, including my favourite sister Jihan inshallah.

Happy Birthday to ME! 

(Photography by Jihan)

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  2. happy bday Zinah. Hope you'll have a great one. Love your photography. would love you to do some of me sometime for my blog.
    love Tanyesha



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