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by - January 10, 2013

I came across Ascia's twitter page a while ago, when someone tagged us both as their favourite blogger. I was thrilled of course, but back then I didn't know what an honour it was to be put in the same sentence as Ascia.

I tried to search for her blog, but it turns out, it was down and she no longer had her Lookbook as well. Luckily I found her on instagram and got to stalk her amazing outfit pictures. Regardless of what people say or think, I love that girl's style, her boldness and being so brave to rock pattern on pattern.
Of course I had to nag her with some questions for the blog, so us lovely ladies can get to know more about her style and her fashion label Twenty/Ten by AKF.

1. Tell us more about yourself…

I'm always so confused with how to answer these type of questions, because I grow everyday as a person. My answer one day might not reflect myself properly the very next! I'm constantly in motion, constantly trying new things, and subsequently changing my views, opinions, and even fashion sense. I'm half American and half Kuwaiti, something I'm very proud of (even though I had nothing to do with producing my ethnicity haha!) and I try to stay close to the traditions of both. I'm a personal style blogger, but I don't view what I do as purely fashion related. I started it in hopes that I could help propel social change amongst Arab women, to encourage them to be bold with their fashion sense while still remaining within the moral confines of Islam. Some contest that I don't necessarily do that, but I see what I do as reflection of my personality, of the love for both my countries, and with a deep respect for God and my religion. 

2. What made you get into blogging?

Arab women have always steered clear of putting themselves anywhere online. No photos of themselves really make an appearence on social media. While I respect their choice, I myself feel it's a unfair that no Arab man will ever hesitate to put his photo online, or even hesitate to have a blog or youtube, but women are more or less forbidden to do so. I reached my 20s and realized I could no longer whine and moan about sexist double standards if I wasn't going to do anything about it. So I opened a blog on something I enjoyed, and decided to be one of the VERY few Arab women to put themselves up a personal style blog (without hiding my face, or concealing my name etc). 

It took me years to become confident with who I am. I was bullied and ostracized in school, and so when I finally decided to reject what others said about me and focus on what I said or thought about myself I made the move to encourage people to do the same. That's all I really want. Confidence isn't about how beautiful someone may be, or even how well they dress (I know, the irony of a fashion blogger saying such a thing!) it's about accepting who you are as God intended you to be. I never once questioned my thought process or my different approach to creativity once I came to realize that my Creator made me exactly how my Creator intended for me to be. I needed to stop fighting it, and help encourage others to do the same!

3. Where do you find your inspiration for outfits?

Literally everywhere. I'm very into street style blogs, a myriad of them, ranging from model-off-duty ones like All The Pretty Birds to things like Dian Pilangi's book on hijabi street style. But it's mostly about my mood that day. I reach for whatever feels right.

4. What are your five style signatures?

My turbans (for sure)
Mixed print outfits
Statement necklaces
Ridiculously high heels

5. What are your top three styling tips?

1. For hijabis, tighter on the bottom than on the top, or vice versa. Never tight on tight. It looks funny! And if it's baggy on baggy then sky high heels are a must!
2. Mix prints. Try to stay in the same tonal range, and mix a large print with a small. Try florals and stripes for your first mix print outfit! It's a good introduction into that kind of statement outfit.
3. Lots of accessories. I get slammed for this a lot, and it might not be for everyone. But a matching necklace/bracelet/ring/and earrings set makes you look like a grandmother. I wear three necklaces at descending lengths to make one large statement looking necklace. Try it. Results can be surprising!

6. Do you ever look back on outfits that you wore and think, "What was I thinking??"

Oh, gosh. Literally all the time. Mostly from a few years back when I FIRST became a hijabi. That awkward "how do I dress with this thing on my head!" stage was....awful.

7. Divulge the fashion piece you could not live without?

My turban, or scarves in general. So versatile and I have a gazillion different styles (with one go-to style I wear in a hurry!)

8. Whose style do you most admire?

Anna dello Russo. Fabulous at 50, and so bold and over the top. She wears everything with confidence and says things like "wear night wear in the day because it's unexpected." Why, I don't mind if i do Anna! 

The rest of the interview on Twenty/Ten by AKF will be put soon.

I can't help but feel some connections with Ascia. Her being an Arab, the obsession with statement necklaces, blogging and of course being a designer for ones own fashion label. She surely will be the first one I want to meet if I visit Kuwait iA!

All Pictures are from Ascia's blog. Next time, find out more about Twenty/Ten by AKF and some pictures of the new collection! Stay tuned

Love and Peace

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  1. She is really beautiful MashaAllah, and I do like her outfits, really inspiring!

  2. I love her so much, because of her i like Hijab now and love the way she dresses herself and i hope i can meet her one day <3 with all my Love!!! Tima Zraika

  3. She's so cool! And it's a good tip to wear sky hi heels if we wear baggy on baggy


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