Three Years

Turns out I have been misspelling 'Smokey Not Smudgy' for the past three years…uh oh, that's pretty shameful! It's 'Smoky' not 'Smokey'…sorry!

Anyhow, this is the 3rd time I am attending the event, it's funny how every year I attend as something different…first year I attended as a helper for Maysaa/ Hana Tajima, second year I attended as a helper for Zahra Zakariya Designs and blogger, and this year I've attended as designers, blogger and journalist. Funny isn't it?

NOTE: I have no access to my laptop at the moment, and won't be able to complete this blog post until Apple decides to replace my broken charger...which isn't happening until Tuesday. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm writing this via my iPhone lol

See you soon
Love and Peace

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