by - December 02, 2012

This months, all blog posts are going to be about the events I have attended, because it has to be done eventually, and I'm already behind as it…I have to catch up on so much, way too much…far too much…TOO MUCH!

Before I go nuts, let's , move on to the heart of this blog post; Shimmer & Shine!

Remember Shimmer & Shine? Yep, they were back this year, making the event bigger than last year. This time round, I attended as both a 'journalist' and a designer. Let me tell you how hard it is, trying to do two jobs at once…I was all over the place, running around like a headless chicken!

First, multitasking is not really one of my strength, and to be frank, I was rather annoyed that I didn't take much time taking pictures (good pictures!). Photography needs some focus and concentration, and if these two aren't there; well you end up with crap pictures! I've been so disappointed with my photography lately. To make things even worse, my battery died just at the beginning of the fashion show (whoopty doo!) Luckily my dear friend Zahra (from Zahra Zakariyah Designs) came just in time to enjoy the show and was a great support. So she snapped pictures and I 'stole' them from her haha (not literally!)

Also, this is the first where I showcased my designs…a debut fashion show, where I 'popped the cherry' haha so I am happy that they have invited me and gave me the opportunity. It was an experience and I will keep supporting the event :)

Perhaps I should briefly explain the concept of the styling of my designs?
I like to be creative and explore different ways of presenting an outfit, but I still like to keep it clean and elegant (like my usual style). As you can notice, my designs are simple, so is the styling, but the mask adds a mystery to everything. Exactly what I was going for…add a little 'something' that created a reaction amongst the guests :)

Now enjoy the pictures

(Photography by Zahra & Zinah, Editing by Zinah)

I'm wearing Fendi Scarf, Anna Dello Russo for HM Necklace and everything else Zara

Love and Peace

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