High Tea In Middle Earth

by - December 30, 2012

High Tea & The Lord of The Rings trilogy

I don't know if I have told you this before, but I am a die hard Lord of the Rings fan, the books, the films and even the orchestra! The story, the characters, the place and the entire fantasy world is just so fascinating.

All my friends and family already know I'm crazy about the book & film series, so they always send me YouTube video links, articles and anything that relates to J.R.R Tolkien's work of art! What fascinates me about the stories is not what happens, it's more of how it happens, how the characters are described, the loyalty and friendship between the fellowship, the manhood, the bravery and oh the way they talk! There is no slang, no ridicule words, nothing inelegant or inappropriate.

I love the bromance between Frodo and Sam; it's so heart-warming, loving, compassionate and shows true friendship (which unfortunately this world nowadays somehow lacks). I am drool over the love Farmir has got for Eowyn (though not seen or mentioned in the films, there is almost a whole chapter dedicated to it in the final book).

As of pairing the trilogy with a dish…well the films last 9 hours and that requires not just a dish, but three set of meals! Breakfast, lunch and dinner! However, I didn't bother with that…I just had high tea with the first film and with the other two, I just had what everyone else would have whilst watching a film; popcorn, snacks and drinks!

As for the 'Food and Film' section of my blog, this is the end and the last post until further notice. I hardly have time to eat at home, let alone cook! I don't spend much time watching films anymore and I am always either at work or outside working on a project…I work 7 days a week, I blog during my spare time and any other free time I get is dedicated to writing articles for Aquila Style and designing. Time is just slipping by and it's scary!

Inshallah once I have more time (if that ever happens!) then I shall be doing the Film & Food again, perhaps not on regular bases like now, but on random occasions inshallah.

As the year comes to an end, I had to end this section with my favourite films of all times and I wish I could write more about it, but I may end up being boring and this post may as well be as dull as it can get haha

I made the high tea 'brunch' myself! I baked the cupcakes, I made the scones, cream & jam, I prepared the finger sandwiches with Philadelphia cream cheese and salmon, and I had a cheese sandwich with it from Pret A Manger and of course more cake and strawberries! As for drinks, I had Mango & Passion fruit juice and hot tea! It was all so good and delicious alhamdulillah

(Photography and Baking by Zinah)

12 Months, 12 Films and 12 Dishes:
- Hugh Tea In Middle Earth

Love and Peace

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  1. I enjoyed these posts ! I've been inspired to do a few posts of this type on own blog too :)

  2. These posts are such a fun idea. I love the surreal combo of delicate cakes of a high tea with the rough Lord of the Rings : D Have a lovely day! Sarita x



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