by - December 20, 2012

Although I've graduated 6 months ago, the actual ceremony didn't happen until this months. To be honest, I was dreading the day, as I felt that I have left University behind so long ago and this felt unnecessary…Clearly I proved myself wrong!

It was nice seeing my parents proud, seeing my friends all dressed formal and so nice and let's not forget those traditional ceremony gowns that made me feel like a professor! The day began at 6am of getting ready, dressing up and heading towards the venue. It's a pretty exciting day, even picking up the gown feels amazingly overwhelming, taking pictures in front of hundreds doesn't seem so awkward anymore, greeting friends parents casually like you knew them for years and of course the whole ceremony and getting your 15seconds of fame & glory on stage!

Below are some pictures, most I consider rather personal and private…it's like sharing pictures of your wedding day (no, my wedding day has not yet come!).

(Photography by Family & Friends)

I'm wearing headscarf by ZINAH and everything else Zara!

Love and Peace

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