Bloggers Shoot

by - December 13, 2012

The bloggers shoot was rather fun, it was with Alessia, Basma, Fatima, Amina, Dina, Zahra and myself. We all met up at Waterloo Station and took pictures in this great place full of graffiti. We then headed to this skater park near Southbank and had more fun taking pictures there.

I stupidly thought I'd be brave enough and ride a BMX bike…oh goodness! With the trousers I wore, it was impossible to do anything haha all in all it was fun.

It's always great seeing fellow bloggers, and of course turning into good friends. I've the lovely twins Fatima & Amina and Basma at the street style shoot in Oxford Circus. This time round, it seemed more of catching up with friends rather than meeting new people.

Below are some pictures. Enjoy!

(Photography by Zinah & Zahra and some by Fatima)
Love and Peace

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