Street Style Sessions

by - November 22, 2012

I can't apologise enough for how long it has taken me to upload pictures of the Street Style photo sessions with Alessia months ago…literally two months ago. Thing's have been crazy busy and it's getting busier by day!

Anyhow, there was two days of street style photography happening; the first one was at Oxford Circus,with tons of girls turning up not only to be snapped by Alessia, but to also meet Dina. It was nice seeing and meeting so many diverse Muslimahs.

The second session was in Holland Park at the Orangery gardens. This one was rather small and cosy, and initially it was supposed to be just Alessia and I, but I invited few more girls :)

(Photography by Zinah…the one of myself and Dina has been snapped by someone I can't remember :s )

Love and Peace

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  1. your photography style is awesome, ma shaa Allaah. Love seeing this post. So many beautiful & stylish muslimah in a same time. Your sheer top and bold necklace is so iconic!

    love from Indonesia,
    Colour Me Fuchsia


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