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by - October 24, 2012

This lovely lady after my own heart; live in Switzerland, is passionate about photography and fashion, and runs an amazing blog! She is my long lost twin and her blog so dear to me!I just had to ask her questions about her & the blog, just had to! Now if you could excuse me, I am off to reading more on Hijabs & Co.

1. Tell us more about yourself…

I am just like another ordinary arabic girl, i am living in switzerland, catching my dreams up, fashion web journalist, blogger, bussy with my lovelife, and other normal things I do. I like horse ridding, especially endurance race =)

2. What made you get into blogging?

It was very difficult for me to find websites for inspiring a veiled woman, many of them was very classic. It would be great to start my own fashion blog and that's what i did back in 2010

3. Where do you find your inspiration for outfits?

I think I have my own style that suits me, Travelling really inspires me a lot as you get to see other people's tradition and culture.

4. What are your five style signatures?

-Coton Scarf-Dark glass-Accessory-Big bag-Ballerina

5. What are your top three styling tips? Chic, Comfort, and Covered.

6. Do you ever look back on outfits that you wore and think, "What was I thinking??"

HAHA,  alhamdoulilah is not terrible, my mom has a great sense of fashion, and she was always a source of inspiration for me when i were young, with age, she is not interested in more fashionable.
7. Whose style do you most admire?
I admire many different styles. I don't focus on that same style, I am constantly getting inspiration from various sources! Kate Middleton has a flawless sense of style. That woman could make a paper bag look fashionable :D

8. What is the fashion scene like in Switzerland like compared to the UK?

The fashion isn’t really developped in switzerland. the Industry isn’t really strong, and people aren’t very « fashion open-minded » (like in London for naming a european country). Switzerland is still very late for a ready to wear. Because Swiss teenagers participate in many sports, they wear typical sporting clothes as worn by U.S. 

9. If you could work with anyone, who would it be and why?

Victoria Beckham, I don't love her as a person but her I love her work, that she’s really a legitimate fashion person now.
Quality and luxury have always been her essence of the ready-to-wear, i really love her work.

10. And finally, do you have a quote to leave us with?

I have always said that a woman can be fashionable but do dress with some modesty, do not fall into ridiculous dress and makeupand this is my quote of the day:Dress how you would like to be approached and talked to. Don't dress like a junky and expect to be treated like a Queen.

(All Photography are from Hijabs & Co.)

Isn't her style just stunning? Don't make me even start drooling over her amazing photography skills! Lamia, we LOVE you!

Love & Peace

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  1. such an inspiration for me!!!!! she is amazing and I live her style a lot

  2. salam, aid mobarak, interesting interview.

  3. Nice girl, love her :)


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