Gold & Yellow…Hello!

by - October 06, 2012

The warm colours of the tree leafs during autumn are just lovely, and to be honest I'm a fan of the weather as well…I prefer cooler and cold weather for some strange reason! Last year during autumn I fell in love with the beige and camel colours, remember this post?

This year I feel for the light and pastel colours, especially yellow! I've been also crazy about gold. When it comes to fabrics, I'm obsessed with silk, and textured fabrics such as tweed and thick knits! Have you heard of mulberry silk? AH-MAY-ZING silk fabric, so in love! I was so happy to buy few mulberry silk blouses (not seen in the pictures) and was over the moon when my mum got me the mulberry silk Fendi scarf as a graduation present :D  

Below are pictures of the items I'm most looking forward to wear :D

(Photography by Zinah)

Yellow Tweed Dress- Zara
Soft pink chiffon dress- Zara
Glitter Slippers- Massimo Dutti
Leather Messenger Bag- Zara
Black & Gold Necklace- Primark
Yellow Knitwear- Zara
Beige Loafers- Peacocks
Gold Watch- New Look
Gold Quilted Bag- Mango
Yellow Pleated Maxi Skirt- Primark
Mulberry Silk Scarf- Fendi

Love and Peace

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  1. Your photography is amazing mashallah! I've been following your blog for a while and just love your posts :)


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