The Honey Club

by - September 24, 2012

I was lucky to attend the Honey Tasting event by The Honey Club! During the event, not only did I have the pleasure to meet very lovely people, but I also learned more about Beekeeping, Bees and Honey!

Would the event be complete without tasting honey? Of course not, all the guests were able to taste 5 different types of Honey from different Beekeepers and vote for for a favourite.
I must admit that honey never tasted so good and the variety of it was a little bit overwhelming! One of the honeys tasted even fruity, my absolute favourite!

To compliment the event, I of course wore yellow jumper, black trousers with an insect broach, that looked closely like a bee, but in reality wasn't!

(Photography by Zinah, the ones of myself by Zak)

Ps. there will be a post on my outfit soon :D 

Love and Peace

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  1. Looks like an amazingly unique event, I wish I could attend I love honey, always in search of the perfect taste, I LUUUURRRVVVE your outfit! I really like your hijab, where is it from??
    P.S. you look pretty when you smile, you should smile more often! Ma salaama

  2. Hey Anon :)
    Yes the event was pretty unique, even the honey's tasted different and rather better than the usual supermarket once haha you can always buy your honey from them and give it a try :)

    Thank you on the kind words about my outfit, my hijab is from ZINAH (my upcoming fashion label) it will be on sale later this year inshallah. You can stay tuned on for more info :)

    Hhaha and yes ditto, I should smile more often, I usually look grumpy :/ xx


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