Sum Up of LFW

by - September 20, 2012

London Fashion Week came to an end on Tuesday. So I have attended 3 days, 2 shows and the showrooms. Was it fun?

Well let me answer this, what could be better than standing in a very long line, waiting for the show to start, being photographed and at times yelled at by surely photographers who want you either in or out of their shots, then to finally go inside to watch a show that lasts the length of time it takes to eat a Mars bar, in a room filled with deafening music?

Of course being at a live catwalk show is more fun than just flicking through the images online, but it's also hard work uploading and editing all pictures. Not to mention walking from one place to the other, in HEELS! I barely attended enough shows, but I feel sorry for the press and photographers who run around like maniacs.

It's exhausting…but fun! I won't upload all pictures on here, as I have already done so on the Facebook page. If you still haven't liked the facebook page…WHY?

Here is a sum of the 3 days…the rest on the facebook page!

(Photography by Jihan)

(All Photography by Zinah unless credited otherwise)

Love and Peace

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