My outfit for the Honey Club event…I've been into wide trousers lately, they're so modest and almost like a maxi skirt, but more comfortable and give you the space to walk around freely!

(Photography by Jihan)

Headscarf- ZINAH
Bracelets- Swarovski 
Broach- Vintage
Shoes, Trousers, Bag, Jumper & Blouse- Zara

Love and Peace

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3 Responses to Bumblebee

  1. MaryamW says:

    LOVE the outfit.

    I'm with you on the trousers. Wide legs are so comfortable, modest, and chic.

  2. -Amina says:

    You look very sophisticated, Zinah! Love it!

  3. MaryamW & Amina thank you for the lovely words :) xx

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