Bora Aksu S/S '13

by - September 17, 2012

So I went to see the Bora Aksu S/S '13 show and I loved it! I won't write much of it on here, as I'm sure you can read it everywhere else online…

(Photography by Zinah)

The show was great, I spent most of them time taking pictures and didn't enjoy it as much as I could…however the whole vibe was striking and the collection was beautiful! 

Maybe I’m over my head, maybe no one feels the same way about Bora Aksu like I do and maybe I have not experienced enough of these fashion shows to compare it with. Whatever the reason may be, I can’t help it but to admit that I have never experienced such simple yet complex atmosphere. This is the second time I have experienced his shows and the London based Turkish designer never fails me.

(Photography by Zinah)

I was sitting next to this lovely lady, who happened to be the mother of Antony Waller (brand director of Bora Aksu) and behind Kelly Brook and Kate Nash…I had no idea about these people until after the show (I was specifically clueless about Kate Nash and never heard of her before…) She was lovely regardless and I briefly met her and had a quick chat.

(Kelly Brook, a British celebrity…well I'm not too familiar with her work, but she seemed lovely. Photography by Zinah)

(So this is Kate Nash everyone..picture taken by Samiha)

How lucky can a girl be after witnessing such show? Very lucky, I got to meet Bora Aksu backstage and congratulated him on his amazing work. Like he has not heard that far too many times? Well “I really love Istanbul and been there twice” was followed after the million praises I have thrown at him. He was so humble and light-hearted and simply replied with ‘Thank you very much”. He said that three times I must add, at the end of the day I felt like I was being praised by him for praising his work…great huh? Yes, I think so too! The lovely Maria Papadopoulou (head make-up artist and ambassador of ELLIS FAAS) even described him as ‘beautiful inside and out’; I second that! It was very lovely to meet the guy behind the Modern Queen collection.

(Mr. Bora Aksu himself, very lovely guy! Photography by Samiha)

(The inviation care was just as beautiful as the show…plus can you see the crown? Love it!)

I suggest that you watch the highlights on here and listen to ‘Youth’ by Daughter at the same time; perhaps you’ll get to experience a glimpse of it for yourself. 

Love and Peace

Ps. I will be posting my outfit by the end of this week iA xx

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  1. How do you get to attend these fashion events? Are you invited? Your sooo lucky Id love to do the same!!

  2. Hey Sorayya :)

    I was very lucky to have been invited to this event :) it was the first time actually, and inshallah you'll be able to attend them too one day :) xx


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