by - June 02, 2012

Before posting about new stuff, I thought it's best to recapture the past and what I have done (label related stuff of course) prior to the new fashion label.

I have posted most of these on the facebook page, so we are a month behind on the blog…Yes on purpose ;)

Remember this post? --> Work In Progress
Well this was part of starting a new fashion label…but somehow so many things got in the way! Now that's not the case and I shall be working hard!

Here's a little reminder…I have created 5 hijabs/scaves that were never on sale, nor has anyone seen much of them, and they are one off pieces…that might change (Note the word MIGHT).

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. Hi Zinah, MashAllah you have a beautiful site...enjoyed going through your amazing photos. Am pretty new at this please check-out my blog....


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