by - June 18, 2012

Ever wondered about the logo/brand image? Simple, its a capital Z with a crown on top. Want to know the backstory? I would be gladly to tell you…

I first came to London almost eight years ago, and I remember walking into my first Geography class in English. The teacher (Mr Collier) bowed down, handed me a book and said 'Here you go Zinah the warrior princess'. I of course was clueless of how he even came up with the name and just looked at him startled. He was happy to explain it and asked 'Haven't you ever watched Xena the Warrior princess?'.

Coming for Switzerland, we only spoke German, and pronounced my name 'Zinah' as 'Tzena' and pronounced 'Xena' as 'Exena'…this explained my confusion! And surly I have been watching 'Xena the warrior princess' everyday, but in German.
Now that I know, this nickname has been stuck with me ever since, and I proudly accepted it (know that I am nowhere near a warrior, let alone a princess!).

I studied design for sometime now and it thought me some stuff, I've also build an obsession with serif typefaces (for their elegance, class and simplicity), so I stuck to that when I designed my logo! 
I always loved the colour gold (a princesse's crown should be gold right?!) and have a great love for white, so these colours are part of the label as well (don't worry, I won't be sticking to these colours when it comes to the clothes themselves!).

The logo/brand explained in a nutshell!

Love and Peace

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  1. woooow! hahaha how many languages do you speak?


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