by - April 30, 2012

Well…if I'd have been the editor of this magazine, it would so not look like this…and If my role as the art director would have been 'free' and flexible, it STILL wouldn't look like this. To be quite frank, I was never happy with the visual outcome of this magazine, but since it was a project and the editor was 'doing' everyone's job, I followed order.

Anyhow, there you go…the outcome of working in a group…Below are the pages I have edited and done, and I have also written the Harry Potter article, the Lord of The Rings book review and the captions of the fashion spread. I have done the editing of the fashion spread as well. The photography on the book review pages was taken and edited by me, the photography on the fashion spread was by me and Veronica Ruixe Li.

(Pages done by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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