The Time Has Come

by - April 23, 2012

Another edit…ignore my previous ranting over blogger…if you haven't read it yet, GOOD, let's keep it that way ;)

Welcome, welcome, the time has come to…change the blog layout! (Yes I have done part of the famous speech by Effie from The Hunger Games :D)

I have designed a new blog layout, that reflects something that is soon to come…Kept it simple, minimal and the colours are used throughout my Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook pages. The same goes to the typeface and logo.

Goodbye to my good old blog design, that has served me well for 18 months! Hope you like the new design :)

The new facebook page for my upcoming fashion label is now on! Please like and share to stay tuned with the latest news and updates about the label! Thank you my lovelies x

Love and Peace

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