International Scarves in Solidarity 2012

by - April 04, 2012

This campaign is for a great cause, they want to uphold the value that all women should be granted freedom of expression (including religious) in society. For more information read their events page here.

This is the second annual "International Scarves in Solidarity" and will take place on Wednesday April 11th, 2012. Everyone is welcome, Muslims and non-Muslims. To join on this day, just simply wear a scarf around your head if you're willing (for females, due to respect) and if you're a man/boy, wear a scarf around your neck. If you're already wearing the hijab, perfect!

Please feel free to upload any pictures of yourself in a scarf with an optional message on their events page on the day of International Scarves in Solidarity. Inshallah I will be uploading my picture on their page and here on the blog :)

Feel free to share the events page on Facebook wit your family and friends!

(Photography and Editing by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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