by - March 01, 2012

I met the lovely Dora during her stay in London, (whom I've met on tumblr). She's such a fun, outgoing and bubbly girl mashallah. We went for a drink in Starbucks to just have a lovely talk and a drink of course (do people normally refer to drink as in to alcohol? Yeah we totally didn't have that, how haram would that be...?)

This was followed to a visit to Yogland, which I had none of, but I felt bad that Dora had to eat on her own :( at least she got to enjoy it, I very much hope! I had a good time, and hoping to see her next time she comes to visit London...or perhaps me visiting Finland? Either way, I'm so glad I made such a lovely new friend :)

Here are some pictures taken by Dora during our night out, I couldn't help but edit that bad?
Since I'm in love with Dora casual and cosy outfit, I had to label this post Street Style as well, I think she looks super cool. I'm in love with her leopard print scarf, mashallah mashallah!

(Photography by Dora, editing by Zinah)

On a different note, I believe that this is the first time I've posted pictures of me wearing glasses? For your information, I'm super blind, like -3...And my outfit? 

Leopard furry hooded coat - Zara, 
lace scarf- Zara
Headscarf- Rose and Rose
Chino Trousers- Reiss
Satin Silk Dress- Zara
Cardigan- H&M
Shoes- Primark

Love and Peace

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