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by - March 18, 2012

The Adjustment Bureau and Egg Benedict 

The reason for pairing these two; both from New York!  The film is based in New York and the dish originates from New York. It's technically a breakfast meal, but trust me, if you're not a heavy eater during the morning, consider this a brunch. 

I don't know why I bother reading reviews, when they are mostly biased and false...This film is not a combination of Bourne meets Inception! It is no where near it; no offence but Bourne was one of the greatest action films and Inception is just incredible, both combined is just magic and The Adjustment Bureau is not magic! Because of the reviews, my expectations were a little bit high, only to be let down.
I'm normally impressed by Matt Damon's acting and role choices, but this time it was just a little bit of a downer. Perhaps because of my exceptions and the reviews.   

Anyhow, not sure if the film is worth explaining, but in short, its a story about politics, love and a mysterious force. The story isn't complex nor is it simple, it just isn't deep enough and lacks details that could have perhaps made me like it better. At the end of the film, I was hoping for a result and a closure, that didn't happen. Either I was too slow and missed the point, or it meant to end like that. Emily Blunt is just so so lovely, no matter what role she takes on, she does it so well, and thank goodness they did not ask her to get rid of her English accent!I recommend you to watch it, otherwise I may end up spoiling the film for you...maybe I already have!

Now to the dish, I actually did have it as a brunch and watch the film during a Saturday morning...delightful!
All you need are bagels, bought ready, if you're feeling brave then you can bake them yourself. I didn't, because last thing I want to do is bake and then do egg benedict next thing in the morning.  Then you need eggs, smoked salmon, milk, butter and flour.

Start with placing a large/long pot on the stove, filled with water almost to the top, let it heat until you see it simmer (not boil!) and then carefully break the eggs and put them in the water. The egg will curl, cook it for 2-3 minutes and then remove it with a slotted spoon. With some recipes, they add a small spoon of vinegar to the water, so it helps the egg curl better and quicker. 

Cut the bagel in half, spread tiny amount of butter on it (optional…) and slightly toast it, either in a toaster or frying pan. Once the bagels are toasted, place the smoked salmon on top of them (I used cut out pieces of salmon, but its best to use slices) and then place the bagel on an oven tray.

Then you basically cook the cream that will later be on top of the poached egg (normally it's hollandaise sauce on top, but that is how we used to do it in Swiss…easier as well.) You put the butter in the pot, flour and milk, mix until it gets thick and creamy. 

Place the poached eggs on the bagel and then add the creamy sauce on top. Place it in the oven just to warm the dish (in case it turned cold after all the fuss of getting it ready).

To make this brunch more fancy, have a breakfast fruit cocktail with it, anything ready bought from the store or if feeling adventurous, blend your own fruit cocktail.  Also add some sparkle, by rubbing some lemon juice at the edge of the glass you'll be using and sprinkle it with sugar, you'll end up having a sparkly glass :) and thats it. Enjoy!

(Photography and Cooking by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. I avoid reading reviews before watching a movie. The only thing that I google for is the genre. No expectation, no disappointment? :)

  2. You are absolutely right, in fact I have stopped reading them now as well…they really do raise the expectations and lead to disappointments!


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