by - February 13, 2012

Time hasn't been my friend lately...I've got so much to do, I can't even keep up with the days, it's terrible! 
I honestly thought its Sunday today :( and my sleep cycle hasn't been the best either...how does this happen? I don't know

Anyhow, these are the pictures of the last few days, not such a huge adventure.

Wednesday Night...I thought I saw stars on my laptop screen, hmmmm?

Thursday, stayed in, can't remember half the things I've done, but it included a film night with fruit salad!

Friday was a rather productive day, had some family coming over and spent time with them, very lovely, no pictures of them though, they all refused haha

Saturday...SHOPPING! Yes I promised myself not to be an over-consumer, and it worked for the past three months, until I past Zara and saw pretty pretty stuff! Oh and I took these pictures with my iPhone and instagramed the crap out of them haha you can follow me on instagram @zinahns, sadly an app for iPhone/ iPod touch users :/

Sunday, I felt under the weather so stayed home, in bed nice and warm

Monday, still very much addicted to tumblr and still reblogging hardcore! 

(All Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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