Three In One

by - February 08, 2012

I have been extremely busy for the past four days, and have been arriving home after midnight. This did not stop me from doing my 'a photo a day' but it stopped me from posting those pictures on my blog!

I attended a wedding on Sunday, Britain's Got Talent on Monday, and gone out with friends on Tuesday...I'm finally home and have time to post few pictures up, not particularly from those events though!

And since I have noticed my awfully packed schedule, I decided to combine the pictures of every three to four days into one blog post! Now I know the hassle of blogging easy just to reblog on tumblr hahah

We had snow on Sunday:

Glittery Monday with my funky jeans:

I clumsily left my SD card at home and could not take pictures with my SLR on Tuesday, so my iPhone rescued the day! Tuesday at Nandos (my new obsession)

(All Photography by Zinah)

I shall combine the next four days (including Wednesday) and post them on Sunday inshallah

Love and Peace

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  1. very beautiful pictures :)
    makes me wonder what it is like to live in UK. hehe i hope i'll have a chance someday

  2. Aww thank you lovely
    Not too sure about the UK in general, but London is pretty great mashallah :) you should visit the city, its beautiful :)


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