by - February 27, 2012

These 14 days worth of photography…only one for each day, part of my one a day. I am so so busy, its beyond believe, and also, its always best to schedule blog post, because clearly I'm not capable of posting 3 times a week. From the 1st of March, it'll be back to the usual blog post pattern. Always works for me and you guys will always have 3 blog posts a week :) win win haha

So here we go
Tuesday 14.02.12 it was my niece's 1st birthday party

Wednesday 15.02 Day out with my friends to have chinese lunch

Thursday 16.02 at home, sorting out my jewellery 

Friday 17.02 Having healthy dinner of vegetable soup, salad and cheese panini (toast bread though)

Saturday 18.02 admiring my nephew's world clock…it doesn't function by the way haha

Sunday 19.02 my yellow Zara bag that is small yet large

Monday 20.02 more toys from the millions nephew and nieces I have

Tuesday 21.02 starting to more healthy than usual…citrus fruits are always so good! Well I use lemon and lime to add taste to my soup or other dishes.

Wednesday 22.02 Zara!

Thursday 23.02 More of Zara! Changing room in Zara, wish I had those mirrors at home!

Friday 24.02 I have been drooling over this film for weeks now! Planning to watch it soon inshallah, and perhaps visit the Freud Museum before the film haha

Saturday 25.02 a little bit of blink blink, glamour and coffee!

Sunday 26.02 souvenirs at home from Saudi and Algeria

Monday 27.02 Juicy couture cream, smells so so good!

Tuesday and Wednesday left, and back to usual blog posting…

Love and Peace

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  1. As salem arleyki

    Love your blog!!! I spend much of my time on and I love it^^

    Allah (Subhan u Ta3ala) Bless u uKTHI

  2. Walaikum Asalaam dear :)

    jazakallah khair/thank you very much for the lovely words, it means the world to me! May Allah Bless us all xxx


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