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by - January 05, 2012

I was always fond of cooking and baking, and I actually had cooking class for 2 years in my secondary school. I very much enjoyed it, and used to occasionally cook and bake this and that. Then university turned up in my life, and it's not a friendly guest! It takes so much of my life, I barely have time to squeeze in other stuff (I even schedule blog posts 2-3months prior to the publishing date...yes I am writing this on the 28th of October...publishing it on the 5th of January 2012!).

It's crazy and hectic, and the last thing I would do is leave my lovely readers in the dark! However, since reading "Tuesdays with Morrie", I decided to listen to Morrie and make time for the things and for the people I love! That obviously includes cooking and baking!

I got several cook books, and my very favourite is Marie Claire's "Fast Food". I also like the "How To Cook" book series by Delia Smith (Book 123). Both books instruct you on healthy and fresh food (very delightful).

Since I have not posted about any films for over 1 year (Shrek review, awful writing and review, but I'm hoping to get better at this), I decided to pair food and film! I got inspired by Jamie Beck's "Dinner & Movie" (I very much love her and her work, she is an absolute inspiration!). I will be doing this with my amazing and lovely friend Abida, we shall meet up once a month to do this food & film date inshallah! However, time still isn't my friend and paring a dish (savoury or sweets) with a film is gonna be tricky, so will be doing both savoury and sweets, whatever the film....So, you'll be getting posts on dishes and bakery stuff I made, twice a month. Welcome to my new label: "Film & Food"

(Photography by Zinah)

Donna Hay Marie Claire "Fast Food"
Delia Smith "How to Cook" Book 123


Love and Peace

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  1. I have followed your blog for a long time and its my first time commenting, i probably visit your blog daily - wow not only are you super stylish but very organised with the old blog posts !

    I hope you wonder over to my new venture on facebook The Noor Collection and show me some support. Jazakallah

  2. sounds like a good plan and Im looking forward to the posts reading tuesdays with morrie now after your post about it and Ill link to you soon...jzk

  3. oh!! that´s very good!! hahaha i´m a disaster in the kitchen!!! thanks for you´re lovely post! Kisses from spain! :)

  4. omg films and food my favourite things ever. I am so excited for your upcoming posts on this <3

  5. Thank you all lovelies :) since I already started posting the film and food section, hope you like them :)



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