Happy New Year!

by - January 01, 2012

Happy New Year to all of you :) hope you'll have a great start to 2012 and may Allah bless you with a wonderful year inshallah.

Not gonna ask about New Year's resolutions...do they even work? And why have a resolution in new year? Ins't everyday a new start for us? A new chance to once again embrace life? We should be grateful to Allah and have a new resolution for each day...just saying ;)

(Photography and Editing by Zinah)

I'm dedicating this blog posts to all the wonderful readers, visitors and my loved ones, but especially to my loved ones. Each one of them had an effect on my life, I have learned a lot from them, they thought me so much (whether it was their intention or not, I don't know) and I'd like to keep them in my life for as long as I live, because they make me very very happy!

First I'd very much like to point out that I very much love my parents and am eternally grateful, and anything I'd do for them would not even get close to repaying them...like NEVER! All the love and support I get from them is overwhelming.

Then come my siblings who by the way I have 10 of! Yes, 10 siblings! 6 amazing, strong and beautiful sisters, and 4 humble, down to earth and funny brothers! I'm very much close to them, and always have been. I love each one of them equally, and life without them wouldn't be as adventurous and wonderful as it is right now. Not to mention, their kids and spouses!

Then come my friends, and I mean true friends and there are handful of them! Bare with my 'I love everyone' emotions :) I am not gonna mention everyone, but those who I've named are truly special and mean a lot to me!
Urszula, Amy, Corrine, Abida, Sara, Gulcan, Syra, Sue, Zahra and there others that probably don't want me to mention them on here haha but I still do love them!

2011 has been absolutely amazing for me! I met wonderful people on- and offline (Abida, my very new friend that I very much love!) I met many inspirational sisters (designers, event organisers, photographers and bloggers), I got to see beautiful places such as Milan, Saudi Arabia and Paris. I did my Umrah (alhamdulillah) and seen and touched the Ka'bah!

 I got to attend wonderful events including London Fashion WeekendShimmer& ShineSmokey Not Smudgy, "The Magicians" show on BBC and the Yemen Culture Fair.

I participated in the May and November Hijab Fashion Week and took part in the StyleIn Competition.
I have been blogging for over one year and bought my own domain.

My blog has reached many readers alhamdulillah, the lovely Urooba awarded me wit Stylish Blogger Award, I was honoured when I got interviewed by Revealed Radio Show and Radical Middle Way.

Let's not forget the amazing books I have read, that enlightened my world! The islamic books that I have read over Ramadan and the Qur'an! Tuesday's with Morrie; a book I very much love! I have so so many books on my shelf that need to be read! Really looking forward to it inshallah!

I feel like I have achieved so much on this blog and personally within a year and I feel so blessed alhamdu wa shukru lilah!

I very much wish that all of you had a wonderful year in 2011, and may Allah bless us all with a beautiful year in 2012!

Love and Peace

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  1. Happy New Year Zinah! 2011 I started to follow your blog, and you've been an inspiration! Beautiful pictures btw! May Allah continue to bless you and give you much much success! Ameen! <3


  2. Happy New Year, Zinah! I pray that this new year brings more blessings and joy to you and your loved ones! Ameen

    An ardent follower,

  3. Marium Abdul Sattar2 Jan 2012, 20:52:00

    Happy New Year, Zinah! Wow, that's amazing you have 10 siblings mashAllah. I think it's one of the reasons you're such a people person mashAllah. It's great to see the pic we took when I came over in this post too. It made my day!

  4. Labella, Amina and Marium, thank you all ever so much for your words, I honestly feel honoured, and its so amazing getting comments like yours.

    Inshallah I hope to keep this blog as long as I can, and it is so special because of readers like you girls :)

    Thank you once again xx

  5. This year no more New Year’s resolution for me too. This year I'm pledging to the unknown, to the life without plans, to having a good time, to living well, to loving much and to laughing often.

    Anyway, your 2011 has been a wonderful year for you so let’s make this 2012 even more wonderful and productive. HAPPY NEW YEAR ZINAH!


  6. Queenie G, thank you for the lovely words dear
    you sound like an adventurous girl, may Allah bless you with a wonderful year with full of love, joy, happiness and adventure xx


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