by - January 24, 2012

London Central Masjid is fairly big and popular. I very much like it, and it was my local masjid for the past 4 years, until I moved and found another local masjid; Al Manaar (which I will be posting about too).

This masjid has more than prayer rooms to offer! It's got a restaurant on the basement, a bookshop that also sell some abayas on the ground floor, and a breathtaking library on the first floor! If you come to London (or in fact live in London) you must visit it at some point! MUST! Also, don't you agree that its very pretty?

(Photography by Zinah)

Love and Peace

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  1. Mash'allah the masjid is beautiful, you are very lucky to have such a large masjid so close to where you live. Our masjid is very small due to a limited muslim community in our area, it serves its purpose though and we are recently in process of buying a building to renovate to a actual masjid inshallah.
    I must admit i really enjoy reading your blog x

  2. :) Jazkallah khair, though this is not my local masjid…The central masjid is a bit of a travel for me, but alhamdulillah my local masjid is just as beautiful, I am hoping to post pictures on the blog inshallah

    Oh mashallah, all the best with the renovation :) xx


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